• 12/22/2014 - 15:10

    Discounted Business and First Class seats are now available for the holiday seasons.

    Still not decided on what you want to do for the holidays? Why not experience the season or New Year in
    Europe! Whether it's skiing the Alps, a white Christmas in Germany or a beach getaway in the Agean Sea,
    IFlyBusiness will get you there in Business or First class.

    Airline Discounts Include:

    • British Airways
    • Lufthansa
    • Eva Air
    • Singapore Air
    • Air Canada
    • Air France and many more!

    European vacations during the holidays are especially popular because there are an abundance of festivities and
    winter attractions in cities full of charm, bright lights, snow-filled cobblestone streets and medievil castles.
    There are also plentiful ski resorts, restaurants, cafes, museums, beautiful lakes and beaches all easily
    accessible by train, car or foot. Tourism is also low during this time of year, so travelers will save on hotel packages and airfare. IFlyBusiness
    is able to acquire even lower priced Business and First Class fares and pass that savings along to their
    customers, especially for those planning last minute getaways. Greg Pavlovsky, owner of IFlyBusiness,
    understands that shopping for discounted travel can be frustrating and time consuming but prefaces that their
    agents do all the work such as book travel, requests meals and seat assignments. Additionally, with Christmas
    and New Years around the corner, every little bit of savings counts. IFlyBusiness will pass on the savings and
    discounts to their customers who wish to fly Business or First Class.

  • 12/21/2014 - 04:22
    Abu Dhabi-based Etihad Airways has declared programs to launches "flying nannies" to amuse children and help take stress off exhausted parents
    Recognized by their orange aprons, the nannies will amuse kids with magic tricks, origami, and face painting, and provide guidance and assistance to parents.
    Though they cannot take the children off your hands absolutely, the additional set of hands is sure to come in useful and help make the flight a bit more comfortable.
    So far, 300 Traveling Nannies have been qualified in kid psychology and sociology, supplying them with the information to deal even the most difficult kid.
    By the end of year, Etihad Airways aims to have 500 Traveling Nannies qualified and ready to roll on numerous long-haul flight tickets.
  • 08/26/2013 - 07:42
    Malaysia Airlines will increase Melbourne to 'triple daily' position with the release of a third everyday flight to Kuala Lumpur later this season.

    The new MH146/147 season will start on 21st Nov and use the airline's newest Airliner A330 with tilted lie-flat seats, on-demand enjoyment, AC electrical sockets for charging your laptop and USB ports for leading up your tablet or smartphone.

    MH146 from Melbourne will leave at 8.55am to arrive Kuala Lumpur at 2.15pm, with the comeback leg MH147 running as an overnight flight departure KL at 7.50pm to arrive in Melbourne at 6.45am the next day.

    The present MH148/149 service can move from an A330 to a Boeing 777-200.

    Melbourne is Australia's biggest market for journey to and from Malaysia, bookkeeping for 32 per cent of total journey between Australia and Malaysia with more than 350,000 travelers yearly.

  • 08/13/2013 - 02:11
    The international’s busiest airports by traveler traffic are considered by entire travelers, defined as travelers enplaned plus passengers deplaned plus direct-transit travelers. The ACI (Airports Council International) defines and measures the three types of airport traffic Passenger traffic, Cargo traffic, and Traffic movements.

    Top 10 busiest airports

  • 08/05/2013 - 02:13
    Tiger Airlines
    The Tiger Air Philippines has declared that it will start direct flights between Manila and the well-known hotel island of Phuket, Thailand starting in Sep, 2013. 

    To enjoy the first flight journey, the airline is providing an all-inclusive round trip ticket for just P3, 499. Olive Ramos, CEO of Tiger Air, indicated that the new nonstop flight would start on Sep 3rd, 2013. "We are happy to declare that effective September, we are traveling to Phuket, Thailand twice a week each Tuesday and Saturday to provide somewhere to stay as many travelers who wish to visit Phuket," said Ramos. 

    Since its re-branding as Tiger Airlines Philippines on July 3, the airline indicated that it organized to open new nonstop routes that would allow visitors to travel visitors and more ideally to major locations across Asia-Pacific. On July 18, the airline released the first and only direct flight between Kalibo and Singapore. 

    Though, the airline is not unaccompanied on its new service from Manila to Phuket. Cebu Pacific announced a few this years that it would start the first nonstop flight between Manila and Phuket on August 16, 2013.